Facial Muscle Exercises Therapy

The face is a very important part of the body. This part of the body is first to be seen by any person. Like other parts of the body, the face is also made up of muscles. Muscles are made of tiny protein filaments which work together and provide motion to the body. Muscles in each and every part of the body are served by nerves. Nerves link the muscles to the brain and by a complex process communicate and pass impulses and directions of the brain to different body parts.


Movement of muscles are the cause of different actions of the body. Facial muscles control the appearance of a person. These muscles are responsible for the control on the speech, eyes, ear, tongue and jaws etc. Malfunctioning of facial muscles may result in muscle related headache, improper speech, involuntary facial expressions, ear infection, eye troubles, trauma and facial paralysis.

Facial muscle therapy is a process to control these problems. Facial therapy involves exercise of the different facial muscles. Lack of exercise of these muscles can lead to facial wrinkles, face sagging and lack of tone. In addition to exercise, facial massage therapy can be of great help. Both exercise and massage helps to tone up muscles. The supply of blood increases and this helps increased oxygen supply to the muscles.

Facial massage involves a number of processes. These basically include stroking of the muscles, these are tapped rubbed and manipulated for correction of deformity. Orthodontic correction involves with making teeth strong. By this therapy facial muscles are relaxed to reduce stress. The therapy is useful even to correct tempor-mandibular joint disorders. Acupuncture is an old Chinese therapy. This therapy is helpful in relieving a person of the headache which reappears very often. Acupuncture also help relieves a person of muscular disfunctioning. It can be said these therapies complement each other.

Recently use of micro current instruments for facial therapy is popularity. Micro current is actually a reproduction of the micro current produced by our body which helps to communicate between the brain and the body muscles. As we age, this biological current decreases and the communication becomes difficult, this therapy stimulates this function. This has been found useful in muscular treatment and is being used in the cosmetology industry for cellular rejuvenation, facial toning and also for reduction of wrinkles. Micro current technology has been found useful in treatment of facial paralysis caused due to inflammation of nerves on one side of the face. The recovery takes about one month and treatment is often permanent.

How to Become Muscular

A muscular body is achieved after considerable time of strenuous activity that demands strong will power and concentration in your character. Getting a muscular body is not an easy task but needs regular exercise workouts with patience. Hurry to build the body muscular may be harmful.


First of all, you should choose the area of your body that you want to improve. For example some people want a powerfully built chest where as others want attractive abs. If you want whole of your body to be muscular, your workout should be a judicious mix of exercises that target different parts of the body effectively. Mostly, in such a case you should rope in the services of a personal trainer. He would judge your body, its merits and limitations and plan your workout accordingly.

One thing should be kept in mind that it’s not only arduous workout that is required for a robust body- the condition being that your workout should be a correct one. For example if you do excessive weight training without giving your muscles the time to relax, you won’t get satisfactory results. Similarly, if you do a particular exercise in a wrong manner, there are chances that your body/body part may develop serious injury.

Also remember that a balanced schedule is a prime necessity for building attractive muscles. If you keep on exercising for 3 hours and then go to your office for work, you aren’t going to move in the right direction. Rather, after every workout sufficient time for rest should be available to your body.

Not only that, proper and sound sleep is also a prerequisite for building good muscles. You should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep during night so that you are physically as well as mentally ready for the next day’s workout.

Scientifically also, growth hormones are released during sleep the most and that are essentially needed by your body that has a new schedule to meet. Body Grow foods and supplements have a secondary role to play in comparison to your growth hormones.

Another thing that is required is consistency. Workouts that are far and few between do more damage than good. Consistency comes from your level of interest and will power. If you have only superficial interest (you may call it infatuation) you are not going to proceed much further with your endeavor. You got to be in ‘love’ with yourself, your body and your workout schedule. There are simply no shortcuts to building great muscles.

Role Of Antioxidants To Keep Body Healthy

As we sit and do something, our body is doing large number of processes. Some of them are visible like breathing, blinking and moving etc. while there are a large number of processes which we do not see or notice. Action of antioxidants on free radicals is one of them. Oxygen is essential for the existence of any living being. In certain circumstances the same oxygen could create havoc in our body, leading to damage of our cells and consequent chronic diseases. Oxidants or free radicals get stuck to the cells and start causing damage to them. At this stage antioxidants start their work to neutralise the free radicals.


The external sources through which free radicals or oxidants enter the body are sun, alcohol, cigarette smoking, pollution and junk food. Antioxidants are produced by our body and are also present in abundance in the food which we eat. Food rich in antioxidants includes fresh fruits and vegetables of deep dark and rich color. It must be noted that cooking destroy antioxidants, as such uncooked fruits, juices and vegetables should be preferred.

By the process known as metabolism our body continues to make new cells, produce energy necessary for healthy movement of a person and in addition to this repair the damaged cells. In a very short period new cells replace the existing cells. This metabolism process also results in production of unstable molecules or free radicals as commonly called. These are unstable oxygen atoms capable of causing damage to other cells. They take missing electrons from healthy body cells and make them unstable and a chain reaction starts.

This chain reaction results in skin problems, heart disease, damage to kidneys, cancer and arthritis problems to name a few. To keep healthy and feel young, you need to introduce antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants are molecules which neutralise the effect of oxidants. Some of them are present in the body but supplementing at regular intervals is a must to keep oneself healthy.

A large number of vitamins and nutrients act as antioxidants. Regular intake in the natural form or as supplements will be of great help to the body. Vitamins and minerals that should be taken regularly includes Vitamin E, C and A, Lycopene, Alpha and Beta carotene, manganese and iodide etc. These are available in abundance in nuts, cold water fish, seafood, red meat, and vegetable oils.

As cooking destroys antioxidants present in food, fresh vegetables of deep green, red or orange color should be made a part of each meal and consumed as salads. You can also think of the antioxidants juice made from beetroot, spinach, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, lemon and orange – all in one juice, a perfect antioxidant cocktail. These will keep you young, healthy and fit for a long time

Tips To Keep Healthy Heart At Old Age

Heart is really one of the most important organ of the body and it should be kept healthy as we grow older. Older persons are usually not ready to listen to the advice of the younger generation. They should be advised to take care of their heart in this particular stage to avoid any kind of problem.  The younger generation people are suggested not to ignore the old people simply because they don’t listen to you but try to make them understand without letting them know that you are advising them.


Routine Check up

Every person should make it a habit to visit a doctor at least once in a year to stay younger even in old age. The doctor will definitely advise you to take nutrition to make your heart remain strong in this stage. Take at least three meals in a day or five small meals. They should remain active by playing physical games of their liking and try to be active not to sit passively before television. Muscles of the body must be kept stronger to be active throughout the life. Don’t forget to get proper relax physically and mentally on regular basis. To avoid mental problems share your stress, tensions, fear or burdens with your close ones or friends.

Perfect Diet and Calorie Consciousness

It is advised not to skip meals and try to stimulate the sluggish digestion with a fresh slice of ginger with a pinch of salt and lime juice. Fresh lassi should be taken mixing with three parts of water spiking it with cumin and fresh cilantro for flavor also. To create positivity in life one must listen to some soothing music and try to enjoy the natural beauty with uplifting aromatherapy, by sipping herbal teas for body and mind relaxation.

Holistic Approach of Ayurveda is Best for Heart

Ayurveda was originated in India many thousands year back. It is a wonderful natural therapy for all human diseases. It has holistic approach for a healthy heart to get nourished both the physical and emotional. Herbs in Ayurveda namely Arjuna, Brahmi and Ashwagandha give a very positive effect on the heart.

A person should start his day with apples or pears, soaked almonds in the breakfast, fresh lime juice and eat heart-friendly spices like black pepper and the antioxidant turmeric. Fresh food must be preferred over the processed foo

Important Guidelines

  • It is strongly recommended to regularly maintain balanced diet to remain free from heart problems.
  • Good health maintained in the young age will help in remaining active in the old age.
  • The old age people must learn how to prevent day to day infections and diseases along with treatment.
  • Try to keep a little busy in this age.
  • Good sexual habits should be adopted to keep many diseases away from the body.
  • Try to participate in your favorite hobby and go on world tour to free yourselves from worldly worries.
  • Old age clubs, sports like golf or any other club may be joined to remain busy and active.
  • One of the most important one, keep a good relation with life partner.